About Our Tamales

Our tamales by our made by Roberto Garcia, our wonderful prep chef of Mexican descent who loves to make tamales. His tamales are so well known and loved, that Edible Ojai published a story about Roberto’s cooking in the Winter edition of 2008. Read it here.

Roberto making tamales


1 pulled pork or chili cheese tamale, organic black beans in chili juju, organic brown rice, side of mole, and a pinch of cortido.

More about the food: Cortido is an El Salvadorean Cabbage Salad, slightly fermented. Of course we make ours with vegetables from local farms, including cabbage from Tom Shepard’s Farm. Chili Juju is a combination of aromatic ingredients, cooked down to paste and used as a base for the beans (also called soffrito). And our mole is homemade, and includes pumpkin seeds  and traditional spices.

Types of Tamales

Chili Cheese Tamales

Pulled Pork Tamales in “mancha manteles” Sauce (mancha manteles means “table cloth stainer”).