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Hours and location

 All catering items can be picked up at our kitchen at 231 South Magnolia Avenue, Old Town Goleta. We invite you to visit our market on Monday through Friday frm 7:00 am – 2:30 pm.

 Delivery- minimums and fees

 We can deliver orders of $100 or more to Goleta and Santa Barbara. Delivery charges are based upon order size, day of the week, and distance from our kitchen. We will arrange for delivery and provide an estimated delivery fee when you place your order.


Our catering items are served on elegant disposable platters, with appropriate serving spoons. We can also provide plates, napkins, and eating utensils for $1.10 per person.

 Seasonal food and pricing

 Our menu changes seasonally, and prices are subject to change without notice.   

 Changes and cancellations

 24 hours in advance of the scheduled delivery or pick-up time.

 Other options

 If you have other menu ideas in mind, please give us a call. We will do our best to accommodate you.


Keep it local, keep it simple, everybody likes good food!






Goodland Breakfast

Chef’s selection of pastries and Spanish Tortillas

 $14.00 ea (4-6 people)


 Sweet and Savory Breakfast

 Chef’s selection of mini pastries, spanish tortilla, granola w yogurt, bagels with cream cheese

 $10.95 per person (10 person minimum)


 Bagel Platter

 Fresh bagels from Bagel Café, cut in half w our & whipped cream cheese

 Each $2.25 per person


Suggested Quantities

8 bagels serves 8-10 persons / 15 bagels serves 15-20 persons

 Fresh Fruit Platter

 Best of the market selection of ripe easy to eat fruit.

 Please call for seasonal fruit information.

 Small – $25.00 Medium – $35.00 Large – $45.00)

 Goodland Granola

Our own mix of organic oats, San Marcos Farm honey, and plump raisins. Served with 2% milk, or organic yogurt

 Small (serves 4-6) $19.50

 Medium (serves 8-10) $35.00

 Large (serves 16-20) $70.20

 Spanish Tortilla

An easy to handle protein for your morning meeting! Eggs, spinach, potatoes & feta cheese.  Similar to a frittata

 Served at room temperature

 Each (serves 8-12) $18.00

 *Add ham $25.00



Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Always available, locally grown Squeezed the same day!

 $26.00 per gallon

  Brewed Green Star Coffee

 Regular / decaf or Premium tea Service

 Outstanding locally roasted coffee or Premium Tea Selects. Our hot beverage box keeps everything hot for 2 hours.  (Includes cups, sweetener, ½ & ½ and stir sticks

Serves 12-16 $22



 Quick Lunch (working lunch)

  • choice of sandwiches, served on a platter
  • farmer’s market salad
  • chocolate chip cookies

 $13.25 per person (6 person minimum)

 Goodland Kitchen in a box (box lunch)

  • choice of sandwich
  • farmer’s market salad or little goodland salad
  • cookie

Our box lunch is great for off-site meeting, field trips, easy to pack, easy to distribute.   Ask about labeling too!

Includes cutlery and napkins.

 $13.95 per person (6 person minimum)

 Sandwich platter

A platter of your favorite Goodland sandwiches, cut in half. $9.75 per sandwich (6 sandwich minimum)

 Sandwich choices

French Professor       Crisp baguette topped with Niman Ranch ham, sweet butter and arugula

Ellwood  Thinly sliced Niman Ranch beef, horseradish spread, pickled onion, lettuce, and tomato on freshly baked baguette

 Magnolia Avenue  Avocado, homemade hummus, sprouts, lettuce, premium cheese, lemon aioli* and organic roma tomatoes on whole wheat sourdough bread

Grilled Herb Chicken  Organic free-range chicken, avocado, lettuce, organic roma tomatoes and lemon aioli* on whole wheat sourdough bread

 *lemon aioli contains raw eggs

 Add Ons!

 Canned Soda $1.25 ea

Kettle Chips $2.00 ea

 Goodland Salad $9.50 lb

 Cookie in a bag$1.50 ea

Signature Salads

 Available as part of lunch menu or a-la-carte served on catering-sized platters

 Small (serves 6-8) / Medium (serves 12-16) Family (serves 18-24)

 Farmer’s Market Salad                  

Crisp local lettuce w at least three fresh vegetables.  Served with house vinaigrette


 Almost Mediterranean Salad

 Tomatoes, cucumbers, marinated garbanzo beans, red onions, feta, olives & capers w our lemon-herb vinaigrette ($35/$45/$60)

 Mezza platter                                                         

 Everyday different!  Selection of 4 seasonally prepared salads w our preserved lemon humus


 Little Goodland Salads 

 Each day the kitchen makes salads using grains, legumes, or pasta along with the best seasonal vegetables  

 small serves 6-8 $28 / Medium serves 12-16 $38

 Salad Add-ons!  Grilled Chicken Breast: Free range, Petaluma premium poultry marinated in fresh lemon, garlic & herbs, grilled & sliced

 Sesame Ginger Tofu: marinated in sesame, almond & ginger marinade.  Roasted & then glazed.

A good vegetarian option $20 for 8 portions




Goodland Signature Beverages

 Mint lemonade $2.50

 Apricot black iced tea (unsweetened) $2.00

Bottled Beverages $2.00

 Mexican Coke made with real sugar

Sparkling Water

Canned Sodas

 Coke, diet coke $1..25

 San Pellegrino Orange or Lemon $2.25

 “Cookies, Pastry & Savory Baked Goods”

We make our cookies & pastries in house from scratch using sweet California butter,

 premium chocolate, our house preserves and no artificial flavorings.

Dessert Platters & Fruit Platters makes a refreshing break for afternoon meeting or employee celebration

 Goodland Dessert Plate

Fresh Fruit Platter

Our seasonal fruit platter includes the freshest fruit from local farmer’s markets.  Selection varies with the seasons.

Please call for seasonal fruit information.

small – $25 Medium – $35 Large – $45

Dessert Platters & Fruit Platters makes a refreshing break for afternoon meeting or employee celebration.

 Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Cookies $15 per dozen

A platter (or box) of our full sized cookies



Delivery: minimum order $100

Zone 1:  Patterson to Winchester $10

Zone 2:  Patterson to Cabrillo Blvd & the Mesa $20

All Catering orders will include Delivery, tax, and gratuity