The Internship Experience

Goodland Kitchen’s Internship program gives people a chance to learn how the food choices they make on a day-to-day basis affect their local community.

Picnic overlooking Goleta Farms

Interns come to us with all sorts of goals and we provide guidance so the interns can meet their goals.

Some of our interns want to learn to cook with fresh herbs or learn to pickle their garden’s surplus. Some of our interns want the experience of working in a professional kitchen, or want to see behind-the-scenes of the food movement.

Petting the goats at Fairview Gardens

But no matter what the goal, we all work together to bring thoughtful food to our community.

And guess what… We are now hiring interns!

Pickling Class for Interns


The Goodland Kitchen is committed to
– Local Agriculture, by supporting local farmers and creating our menu with seasonal items.
– Sustainability, by making decisions that will have a positive environmental, social, and economic impact.
– Education, by offering internship programs and cooking classes.
– Community Inclusiveness, by respecting all patrons and providing affordable options.

About the Internship

Our internship is a 10-week, non-paid internship.  We look for interns who care about the environment, justice, local agriculture, and want hands-on experience that they can apply to an environmental profession.

REQUIREMENTS: Interns will dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week, for 10 weeks, in an area that best fits their skills and goals, and also meets the needs of the Goodland Kitchen. Interns will meet as a group, once per week, with the Community Outreach Coordinator to discuss skills, goals, and topics of interest. Topics will include: Kitchen Skills, Communication / Office Skills, the Santa Barbara County Food Shed, Wild Edibles, Food Preservation (Canning and Pickling), and others.

Visit to Five Loaves Farm

Task areas include:  cooking, cleaning, teamwork, marketing (graphic design, outreach, website management), community building, project management, communication, accounting, event planning, database management / administrative work, green business management, and other duties as necessary.

This is a non-paid internship. Interns that successfully complete the 10 week program will be given primary consideration when paid positions become available.

TO APPLY: Please send resume / cover email to

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Tuesday August 16, 2011.  Please apply ASAP. To learn more about us, please visit

Knife Skills Class