monday – friday menu

breakfast (7:30-10:30 am)


EGGSThe GLM Breakfast       $7.752 Eggs, Bacon OR Linguica, Potatoes and Small Coffee3 Egg Scramble choose 3 add-in’s   $7.25

Potatoes, sautéed red onions, chopped tomatoes, sautéed spinach, cheese

Paleo Scramble        $8.00

4 eggs scrambled w/CHOICE of Bacon, Ham, OR Linguica, chopped tomatoes, & onions



Omnivore Dilemma       $6.50

Flour tortilla, eggs, potatoes, Niman Ranch bacon & jack cheese

Good Morning Wrap $5.75

Flour tortilla, eggs, sautéed greens, potatoes & jack cheese

Breakfast Panini         $6.25

Egg, Niman Ranch bacon, fontina cheese, Dijon mustard on whole grain bread

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich       (1 egg) $6.25        (2 egg) $7.25

Choice of bagel, egg, tomato, red onion, herbed cream cheese

Ward Drive $7.50

Croissant, egg, Niman Ranch Bacon OR Ham, fontina cheese & tomato

Haskell’s  $7     

Croissant, egg, avocado, fontina cheese & tomato

Baked Spanish Tortilla $5

sautéed Spinach & onions, potatoes, eggs, feta cheese

Goodland Granola w milk / yogurt  $4.75       add seasonal fruit $1.50

Oatmeal w cinnamon sugar    $3.00                       add seasonal fruit $1.50


2 eggs any style  $3.00        Ham, Bacon or Linguicia  $3.00         Potatoes  $1.75

Toast w butter 2 pc    $1.35

Avocado Toast  1 pc, avocado, lemon, salt, pepper  $3.00

2 pc, avocado, lemon, salt, pepper  $5.00

Add Tomatoes to Avocado Toast   $.75  2 slices

BAGEL      1.75 w butter           BAGEL w Cream Cheese  $2.50


Cream Cheese                xtra Salsa   2 oz.  $1.00ea

2 slices of tomato $.75             ½ avocado     $2.00

Scoop Hummus    $2.20                 Bag of Pita     $1.15

Bacon slices       $3.00                Ham                   $3.00                    Linguica ½ sausage    $3.00


Espresso Beverages

Espresso                     2.50
Americano                2.50
Cappuccino                3.50
Latte                           3.50
Vanilla Latte           4.00   (house made vanilla syrup)
Mocha/Iced            4.00
Goodland Chai Tea Beverages
Chai Latte              3.00
Hot Chocolate       2.00/2.50
SB Roasting Company Coffee (Organic, Fair Trade, and Locally Roasted!)
Drip Coffee     1.50 – 2.00               Iced Coffee    2.97    
Hot Tea   2.00                            Passionfruit Iced Tea    2.00          
Fresh Juice / Lemonade
Fresh pressed Orange Juice        4.00       Mint lemonade        2.50   Strawberry Mint Lemonade      2.75
Fizzy Drinks
Kombucha        5.00
Mex Coke   2.25
Blood Orange Pellegrino    2.25
Lemon Pellegrino    2.25
Coke    1.25
Diet Coke    1.25
Perrier    2.00
Lg Pellegrino    4.00

Our Mint Lemonade is made every morning with lemons from local farms.


monday – friday menu

lunch (11 am-2pm)


almost mediterranean salad                 9.75
feta cheese, kalamata olives, tomatoes, and seasonal vegetables, served over lettuce with lemon-herb vinaigrette
farmer’s market salad               half 3.75  whole  6.50
fresh lettuce and seasonal vegetables from our favorite farmers. Add chicken, tofu, or a hard boiled egg
sesame noodle salad with tofu / chicken  11.25
organic somen noodles, seasonal vegetables, and farmer’s market lettuce, tossed with sesame ginger dressing 
mezza plate                                               11.50
a selection of savory vegetables and grain salads with homemade hummus and pita chips. Always a little different, depending on what’s fresh at the farmer’s market.
little goodland salad of the day
(pasta, grain, and vegetable options)
(half pint) 3.25 / (pint) 6.25 

soup of the day 

cup 3.25    bowl  4.25

sandwiches & paninis

Magnolia avenue                                          half   4.75 / full   9.25
avocado, homemade hummus, sun dried tomatoes, lettuce, california jack cheese, and lemon aioli* on multi-grain bread

 Grilled herb chicken sandwich               half  5.25 /  full  9.75
sliced herb chicken, avocado, sun dried tomatoes, lettuce, & goleta lemon aioli* on multi-grain bread

French Professor                                              half 5.50 /  full   9.75
Niman Ranch ham, sweet butter, and arugula on a crisp baguette. Four of the most delicious ingredients we could find, all wrapped up in a single package. A simple and classic work day sandwich.
 Grilled cheese                                     6.00 (served whole only)
premium cheese  sandwich,  grilled until crisp and golden. 
Ellwood                                                10.50 (served whole only)
Thinly sliced Niman Ranch beef, horseradish spread, pickled onions, fresh tomato, and farmer’s market lettuce on freshly baked ciabatta
*Contains raw eggs. Eating raw or undercooked eggs, meat, and poultry can cause serious illness in people with weakened immune systems. Our facility processes nuts, soy, and dairy.


add on to sandwiches and salads

Tofu, slow roasted in ginger marinade (3 oz.)             3.00
Chicken Breast, free range  (3 oz.)                                    3.00
1/2 Avocado                                                                                    2.50


Lemons for Lemonade


Prices and menu items may change without notice.