Stained Glass by Chris Sandoval

Goodland Kitchen at Edible Insitute March 2012


A special catered lunch at Goodland Kitchen

Tour at Goodland Kitchen

Smiling Customers

Our customer Chris in front of Goodland Kitchen

Melissa at Environmental Defense Center's TGIF

T Shirts for $15

Pickled Carrots made with Tom Shepherd's Carrots

Honey Sticks from San Marcos Farm

Cheese for Grilled

New sign for Goodland Kitchen



Jeannette with Lemonade. Credit: Bear and Penguin

Roberto with French Professors. Credit: Bear and Penguin


Parrano Cheese - the parmesan that thinks it's a gouda! Credit: Bear and Penguin


Strawberry Jam with Fairview Gardens berries. Credit: MGomez





Mint Lemonades. Credit: Bear and Penguin

Front Door. Credit: Bear and Penguin

Bread and Butter Zucchini Pickles. Credit: Bear and Penguin

Front of Goodland Kitchen. Credit: Kelly Schmandt

Boxed Lunch for Catering






































Pickled Carrots and Zucchini Pickles made by Chef Owner Julia Crookston