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If you’ve been thinking of fixing up your kitchen and are looking at the most popular kitchen cabinet styles, you might want to know a few more important points. Purchasing new kitchen cabinets are a hefty investment it’s important to get it right. Doing your research to gather ideas and an understanding of what to expect when remodeling your kitchen is important before deciding on what type of cabinets, countertops, and flooring you want to select. Since kitchen cabinets also combine decor styles, you need to know why these styles are used aside from being so popular.

We’ll provide an overview of the best kitchen cabinets for each type of popular decor so you begin your search for your new kitchen cabinets with a foundation that aligns with your home’s interior design style.

Traditional Cabinet Styles

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

The influence of the traditional kitchen style is pulling from an old-world look into your kitchen. It has direct influence from colonial America and sometimes even a Mediterranean feel at times. There is also a fair amount of French country decor which combines earthy tones with brick and stone. You can’t miss a traditional kitchen design even when the cabinets feature wooden panels or glass-paneled doors.

Many people like traditional kitchens since they remind of us the past back to a simple time. Yet, as we all know, life back in the old days was not easier and was often more labor-intensive. It was the elegance of wood-framed cabinets that gave kitchens an upscale appearance with loads of visual appeal. It was also the complicated cabinet construction methods that gave exterior cabinet surfaces so much texture to look at.

The warmth and inviting nature of how traditional kitchens were constructed also reflected how natural light was being used. Kitchen cabinets often were painted in warm whites or natural brown stains. Lighter colors work best in this setting that wasn’t limited to earthy colors of that period. Any hardware that’s attached to cabinets is often simple pull handles or knobs that match the cabinet color or simply accent the cabinet design.

And while everything else was connected with decorative wooden moldings, the rest of the kitchen is completed with tile backsplashes and elegant countertops. But of course, the price is always up for debate since traditional kitchens all depend on the cost of the type of wood used. Even with semi-custom styles an average kitchen using a traditional decor layout runs anywhere from $13,500 to $38,000 for a simple 10 X 10-foot kitchen.

Rustic Cabinet Styles

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic kitchen cabinets often make people think of the typical log cabin feel that you might see in a horror movie. In real life, a rustic cabinet has more to do with a visual style of cabinets that have a lot of detail and natural appeal. Other times it can easily fall into the category of farmhouse style cabinets. This is only true to a certain point simply because rustic kitchen cabinets can fall into Tuscan or Shabby Chic design styles too.

Rustic design is based on cabinets that appear to be unfinished or reclaimed. To some extent, these cabinets will appear as rough as they would appear in raw nature. Other times they can appear to be old cabinets that have been stripped of old layers of paint but still show all the dents and dings of previous years they’ve survived. They don’t need to appear perfect even if they’re given a nice satin varnish to clean up the appearance just a bit.

Almost as if the cartoon experience has become real-life with roughly cut pieces of wood slapped together with a Davy Crocket frontier-style. Colors can be fun as well with neutral colors of warm white, light brown, and warm gray. Exposed wood is the best so the natural grains of reclaimed wood show the imperfect natural design of wood. This is where careful staining and accent paint can help make cabinets appear older than they are.

Rustic cabinets can be made from any old-looking traditional cabinets that are stripped of any paint. The rougher they appear is the whole point but using reclaimed wood can be hard to find if you don’t live close to the countryside. You can keep costs down if you do it yourself using unfinished cabinets at home improvement centers. This alternative can cost $10,000 to $14,000 for a 10 X 10 kitchen that you finish yourself using paint tricks.

Farmhouse Cabinet Styles

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

This style is very similar to traditional with a few more decorative elements that go into the decor. Essentially it’s a very simple cabinet design that isn’t overly elegant, so you want to stick to simple panel doors. These include a 4-piece cabinet door frame that is simplistic and slightly vintage looking. The colors must be earthy washed-out tones including plenty of light blues, grays, and natural wood grain colors.

These are popular because they allow any kitchen to gain more style with the decor that’s added later. This is all part of personal taste that makes each farmhouse kitchen original to itself. Needless to say, the cabinets are only part of the final look of farmhouse kitchens. Hinges, knobs, and pulls all need to be just as simple with an old-world style to keep the farmhouse look from looking modern in any sense of the word.

While farmhouse kitchen cabinets can appear similar to rustic cabinets, this is also a personal touch that every kitchen owner will need to decide on. Farmhouse cabinets can cost around $12,000 to $25,000 depending on how fancy you want to get. This is also considering that a kitchen is roughly 10 X 10 feet or perhaps larger. The rest of your budget that isn’t spent can be sued for the remaining decor.

Contemporary Cabinet Styles

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

This kitchen style is always confused with modern kitchens, but there are very obvious design rules that separate these two design styles. Contemporary cabinets are all based on sleek lines that all follow a horizontal path through your kitchen. These cabinets are stark and bold and make a kitchen appear larger than they actually appear. Even though this is really a good way to use straight lines and minimalist design, it’s gaining popularity again.

People like this style when they don’t have a large kitchen, but more importantly this style is great for those who like a clean and tidy-looking kitchen. One trick that is used to give this design more impact is the clever use of hinges and hidden hardware to open the cabinet doors. Most of the cabinets are spring-loaded, so you press a cabinet door to open it. But there are plenty of contemporary kitchen cabinets that do have sleek and slim handles too.

The panel doors are very flat and smooth, making them a lot cheaper than cabinet costs. They also don’t need to be made from expensive wood, so long-lasting composite materials are covered to get that modern laminated appearance that looks fresh and space age. You can expect that cabinets will cost $10,000 to $20,000 for a 10 X 10 kitchen.

Modern Cabinet Styles

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets are near identical to transitional design cabinets except for the cabinet hinges and handles are nowhere to be seen. These are flat panel cabinets are just as smooth and shiny since modern cabinets are meant to be slick looking. There is also another feature that includes open shelving which helps complete the invisible horizontal lines that stretch through a modern kitchen.

It’s the least popular among kitchen designs but it’s included on this list because it’s so appealing to those who like flat light or dark panel kitchen interiors. It’s great for those who are tidy and like an ultra-modern kitchen. It’s the exact opposite of comfort and more about practical needs. Yet when trendy is an absolute must, this is the perfect setting for wine tasting on a millionaire’s budget.

Speaking of budget, this style is not going to cost an arm or leg. You can expect that this style will range from $10,000 to $25,000 depending on the amount of built-in comfort that the cabinets feature.

Which Cabinet Is Best for the Kitchen?

When choosing kitchen cabinets, it’s important to consider various factors to determine the best fit for your home. The “best” cabinet choice will depend on personal preference, lifestyle, and budget. However, there are a few options that consistently stand out for their durability, maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and design versatility.

Solid Wood Cabinets

Advantages: Durability, classic look, and a wide variety of wood types and finishes.

Considerations: Can be more expensive and require regular maintenance to avoid warping or damage from moisture.

Plywood Cabinets

Advantages: Strong and less prone to warping than solid wood, with a more affordable price point.

Considerations: Quality can vary widely, so it’s essential to choose high-grade plywood.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Advantages: Smooth surface ideal for painted finishes, generally more cost-effective than solid wood.

Considerations: Not as strong as wood or plywood and might swell if exposed to water.

Particle Board Cabinets

Advantages: Most cost-effective option, lightweight.

Considerations: Least durable and prone to damage from weight and moisture.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Advantages: Modern look, highly durable, and easy to clean.

Considerations: Higher cost and can dent; fingerprints and smudges may be more visible.

Thermofoil Cabinets

Advantages: Simulates the look of painted wood, easy to clean, and generally less expensive.

Considerations: Can’t be refinished and may peel over time, particularly from heat exposure near ovens and dishwashers.

For a balance of durability, design variety, and cost, many homeowners opt for plywood cabinets with a hardwood veneer. This option provides the look and feel of solid wood without the higher price tag and some of the maintenance concerns. Additionally, with advancements in materials technology, options like MDF and Thermofoil are gaining in popularity for their versatility and sleek finishes.

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